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Custom Modifications
01 Bit Racer Axles
02 Fullsize Wheelset
03 Chassis Lowering
04 Pager Vibrator Motors
05 Car Antenna Upgrade
06 Controller Range Boost
07 Custom Paint Jobs
08 Spring Suspension
09 Tailskid Guide Bumper
10 Telescopic Antenna
11 Controller Joysticks
12 Steering Spring Saver
13 Lexan Bodies
14 NiMH Cell Upgrades
15 Pots Mod
16 Headlamps
17 Steer Spring Replacement
18 Carrying Case
19 4 Wheel Drifting
20 Dual Antenna
21 HotSwap Custom Wheels
22 Stand-alone Bit Charger
23 Motor Well Adjustment
24 Custom Tires
25 2.4v Dual Cell Turbo
26 2.4v Charger Conversion
27 4x4 Body Lift
28 4 Point 4x4 Suspension
29 Car RX Range Boost
30 Extending Charge Time
31 NdFeB Steering Magnet
32 Fiber Optic Headlamps
33 Bit Racer Charger
Mods from the Net
1/64 Scale Conversion
Bit Airplane
3.6V Tri Cell Turbo
BitLar-G Monster Truck
Dual Motors
2.4V Dual Cell Turbo
AC Bit Charger
Knight Rider kit
Headlamp, Signal, Brake kit
IR Digi-Propo
Bit Semi w/Light-up Trailer
3-Spd & Front Wheel Drive

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!


Official Microsizer Manual
PDF format and even has a troubleshoot section! Courtesy of TableTopRacers!

BitChar-G English Manual
BitChar-G instructions for assembly and use in English courtesy of Cosmo Games.

Tomy Bit Catalog
A master catalog of all part numbers and descriptions of items available for the BitChar-G and BitRacer.

Tomy Bit Hobby Website
Visit the official Tomy Bit Hobby website. Check out the custom BitChar-G page!

Buy Mod Parts Here!
Want to try some of our mods but cant find the parts? Visit our Online Store and buy them now!

RPM Equivalency Table Find out the RPM your Bit is receiving with your motor & axle gear combo.

Comments Welcome!
We welcome all questions, comments, and suggestions! Got an idea for the website? Tell us here!

Free Bit Hobby Modification Icons and GIFs!

Merry Christmas everyone! Here is a free gift for all of you micro enthusiasts out there! We have compiled a collection of popular mods into icons for easy identification of how your car is custimized. 52 in all. If you have any to contribute, please send them in and we will add them to the existing collection. Select between .GIF or .ICO format.

Download Now: GIF format (47k)   |   ICO format (47k)

Tomy Controller: Transmitter Electronics Schematics
Tech Schematics for Tomy Controller

Attention all electrical engineers! Our friends over at TableTopRacers were kind enough to give us this gem! These are the official schematics filed with the US patent for Microsizers / BitChar-G cars. The object here is to download this and figure out any and all of the potential performance enhancing modifications possible! Submit them to us and we will post them as an official mod, and credit the creator!

Download Now: JPG (169k)

QFM's Official BitDra-G Competition Guidelines v1.0

Introducing the Official BitDra-G Competition Guidelines. QFM Racing has created these guidelines to help standardize, structure, streamline and officiate simulated quarter-mile and straight line drag races for the micro RC Bit Hobby. Thinking about sponsoring a straight-line event? Heres how! All the hard work of has been done for you....

(Read More) Revised 8/06/02  |  Download Now: PDF (73k)

Episode II : Attack of the Bit-Clones!

Less than 6 months after the debut of the BitChar-G in Japan, a formidable army of clones have invaded the world in a desperate bid to be "first to market" outside of Japan. Filling the international void created by the new Micro RC genre in Japan, are several contenders...

(Read More) Revised 8/16/02

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Micro RC Message Boards

As the Micro RC hobby grows, so do the number of message boards about them. Here are a few we recommend. There probably isn't a single question you can't find the answer to, perusing these threads. Know of one not listed? Email us at qfm@comcast.net.

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