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HPI RS32 w/ Audi R8 LMS body

Summer Project has been finished =D

RS32 that only comes in Levin or Skyline.
Soo i wanted my own Body that is not so comon xD

This is the result xD a RC Slot Car hahahaha

It sports some FAT tires !!!
Had to clear the fender well and chassis for these new fat boys.

The Body has been modified to fit on the stock clip ons.
(Took the stock clip system form the stock body and retrofitted them to the new body)

One more mod i need to do is extend my Tplate by 0.5-1mm
So my rear tires line up little better. But thats only Minor.
It runs awesome as it is, More stable down the straight compared to the Stock RS32, Its a little mellow turning in but more controllable instead twitchy.

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