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Ok, to try to answer your question.

First it was a mistake on my part to call it bearingless, They definitely need bearings, because they flop around too much, so i changed the name. They work fine normally.

THEY DO work with a-w-d, I was just saying the things that were on that civic xmod that I used to test it on. My friend has A-W-D, and we used his and it works fine, they are the same langth as the metal one, and they are identical on both sides. I just did not make vids of the other car with all wheel drive.

Thanks for your concern. Did you look at my feedback? on eBay, half of them had a-w-d, and they are all happy with it. I'll have your xmods too if you were not joking

Later, I have an 8-10 page english report due tomorrow.
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