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...using Kyosho Mini-Z IC tags on D'nano lesson learned

When I had a D'nano IC tag "go bad" I used the blue Kyosho Mini-Z tags designed for the MR-O2. Clipped off the plastic screw sockets, dremelled the recieving chassis to make it thinner and attached with rubberized CA; just enough ground clearance and the only hole covered was the pairing light (the pairing tool hole lined up perfect with no modification and no CA touches the RFID components). Perfect fit too.

Then, I used the rubberized CA trick to repair a stripped plastic screw hole in the chassis with success (screw sits tight now).

Was proud of myself ...had completely fixed a written-off $100 chassis for $30. But in typical Kyosho-doesn't-get-it-quite-right, the damn thing still only counts laps if I drive real sloooowww over the ribbon. So $100 chassis + overpriced Kyosho part. Sucks. ...Kyosho, a touch of open-source mentality would help you sell many more cars and save you from the stupidity of plastic tracks, weird propritary parts and price points that price our kids right out of the hobby.
Here is an interesting link to getting the Kyosho ribbon to work better:

...seems like way too much hassle; we need a way to boost the ribbon "power" or paste on 99 cent tags if they break. The show track we are building has tons of special FX lighting and more RF noise then the Chevy Volt factory ... I may need to find something better than the Kyosho/Core technology... will work on getting this to run better over the holidays --having to ferrite choke every cord is not my cup of tea.
There's a post in the Mini-Z racer forums about a German fellow who mentioned:
"For dnano IC-Tag with FS is golden standard" ..what does he mean? which IC tag? FS?
...been away from the forums for a while; will be more active as I prepare for a couple of trade shows. - Lorne
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