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trinity green machine 3 pro motor questions

got this motor from my school's suspension r/c car (off road dirt chassis.)

a few questions..

the specs of this motor are as said on the sticker on it.

RPM: 29.642
power: 132.9w
eff.: 74%
torq.: 158Nmm
"Nr.: GREEN 3"

im not familiar with what is good and bad for motors. this motor is on my tamiya on-road chassis that i use for drifting only. so i mostly want good torque. it says that it is a 27 turn, so meaning it has pretty good torque, but then it seems very slow for what it is..

it works, everything is there and together, it runs pretty good, but feels like it is binding somewhere, and it's pretty loud when i drive it.

the brushes seem to be holding on too tight, as if the springs were too tensioned. when the springs are on the brushes, the motor does not spin freely, when i unhook the springs, it spins freely, but with slight drag from magnetic forces.

also, i've searched around, and cant find the correct way to rebuild, or overhaul it. i've taken it apart, cleaned the magnets & cleaned the brushes.
im not sure if im suppost to use some sand paper and basically resurface the magnets, or the brushes, or anything. can i apply grease anywhere? how can i check for shaft straightness? should i get new brushes for it? what can i do to have this motor spin more freely?

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i need help with my car
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