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Originally Posted by SLUBBEN View Post
Is it possible to purchase the tag on the underside of the chassis and if so how much. I received a used DNano and it does not count laps....
unfortunately, no. you'd have to completely replace the main frame assembly which costs just as much as a full CCS (assuming you can find one at all). many of the IC Tags on the first run of dNano were just worthless and couldn't be picked up by the lap counter which is what brought about the evolution from light blue --> dark blue --> now to white. in testing, the dark blue was more sensitive so i can only assume the white will be just as sensitive if not more.

i've requested a 'skeleton chassis' without electronics since last year but kyosho has yet to release this and have no plans to do so anytime soon (info directly from my distributor). until then, you'll have to just pick up a 'chassis only' and use the main frame included in that to replace the one that doesn't count.
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