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i wanted to talk about this quickly. watch the short videos on the realtracks website. it's not rocket science, but once you see how it works you can get it done very quickly and without hassle. my entire track was setup very quickly.

again, watch the video's, taking the track apart is a breeze once you see it done and do it yourself.

it also stacks away in a VERY small area. it naturally weights more than a stack of RCP tiles but less space.
Hi Arch2b. Your review was very interesting since I have been looking at Realtracks. I was into Mini-Z's about 4 years ago and I had a fairly large RCP track (12 x 18) setup in my empty dining room until my wife decided to fill it. That eventually ended my involvement since the commercial tracks were too far away. That's why I find these Dnanos attractive. The RealTrack looks like a great solution because I can assemble and disassembly it quickly. You review of the 24" flattrack left me wondering whether I could deal with a track that had no rails. The smaller 14" track has rails but do you think it would be too small for the Dnanos? I understand that they are working on providing rails for the flattrack but in my mind that defeats the quick assembly/disassembly. I would probably have no more than 3 cars going at any one time with by far the majority being just myself.
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