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Tire test update

I had some time last night to put more laps on the PN's and observed the following.

1) Contrary to my previous observations, the PN's tires are equally susceptible to dust and debris. I set up a FlatTrack directly on an oriental rug that receives lot of foot traffic and holds dust and dirt on the surface. I was pushing the car hard and ended up off course often and grip on the front tires deteriorated after about 50 laps. After pitting the car, all it took was a few light pulls diagonally across a lightly moistened paper towel and your grip is right back. It is about a 5 second pit.
2) The more I drive the PN tires the more I like them. Right out of the packaging the PN’s initially seemed to grab the track inconsistency. At times the car would either turn in or spin unexpectedly in a turn. After a few hundred laps this has completely disappeared. I can only surmise this is due to the “lapping” or “smoothing” (for lack of a better term this morning) of the tires to the track. I am sure Lorne could probably explain it better than I can.
3) Now that the tires have worn in slightly the car has developed slightly more push. I still have the 65/08 tire combo so I will be moving to the 55/08 and also trying a 65/15 combo.

PN really did a great job with there wide selection of tires. They allow better track tuning options then any other manufacturer.
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