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So, I have a sad update.

I spent part of the evening wiring in the SS PCB. I charge up the batteries, pull the trigger.... It moved, slowly crawling on the floor.

So, something I should have checked in the beginning... how much power does the pcb send to the motors. Like the zipzaps, the SS's use a duty cycle, pretty much haulting this project.

At a full charge ~4.0V with both motors stalled, the motors were only pulling around 600-700mA. With 2 AA nimh cells hooked directly to the motor, they pull around 1100mA.

The power difference is disheartening. With the 2 AA's, it would slowly spin all 4 tires on the kitchen counter pushing against my finger. With the SS pcb and ~3.8V, it would barely nudge my finger....

I drove it around on the floor and it worked, but it's acceleration was sad.

Look to see this project moved to the ZZMT forum. I will be continuing the project by switching back to a ZZMT board.
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