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The project was to extend a truck chasis and use a SS Mini body with a SS pcb and controller. This would give me the "turbo" to help control the power a bit.

I wanted more speed though and this set up wouldn't give me much more than the prior quad cell.

Now, I needed to change the gearing. I looked at the transfer gears from the SS. They all have 10 teeth in the middle, same as a yellow ZZMT transfer gear. This made any a perfect match to the yellow ZZMT axle gear.

Cutting away the back of ZZMT chasis, I determined that red SS pinion gears and a Green SS transfer gear gave just enough room for easy mounting.

Here is a picture of what it should look like. I've tested it using 4V with one motor and there is quite a bit of torque from just one of those motors.

I wend 6 cells for a 3s2p connection hoping to get some better battery life with draw of these motors. Here is a picture of what it will look like soon. I will be working on soldering and getting the board in tonight. Hopefully it won't fry.

This worked well enough I might decide to make a crawler version.

Oh yes, 4wd is retained
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