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just about to order mini z or mini x but have a question

right ive been looking in to ordering or mini z and epoch for a long time ( i saved myself a nice 150 ) and just thought what they hey .... ill just get both..... well anyway i told a friend and he said get a mini z and then just buy the epoch chasis coz u can use ur mini z controller so i thought cool. well i had a look around and thought cant i just use the controller from my 1/12 rc on both? i mean its an acoms AC3510 it uses crystals and that would there be any problem?
this is my controller ... could i use it for an mini z? thanx
also what do u guyz recommend mini z or mini x? what s the difference... ive heard that mini z is way better quality and faster stock also that the mini x tends to break after a few uses. but i like the mini x 4w/d. thanx alot
ill proberly just get both of the kitts .... $230!!! a mini z corvette and a spec 2 epoch aint sure which yet.
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