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That's some interesting info there Steve, thanks for the testing and posted results :thumbsup: -

Quite interesting stuff when compared to my Motor and Gear Ratio Chart (derrived from my ZipZaps Speed Calculator v4.0 utility).


Sort of proves what I've been saying all along (RE: This Web Page), that the higher RPM motors have more torque than the lower RPM motors.

A bit of explaination of this:

The higher RPM motors have more torque, hence errors with my Zipzaps Speed Calculator Utility (which is nothing more than a mathematical comparison/calculator) when compared to your real-world results are less with the 34,000 RPM (purple) motor due to it's higher torque... which would be affected less by friction, battery condition, PC board version, track surface, laws of physics, etc... (that my ZipZaps Speed Calculator utility does not take into account) because of it's higher torque.

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