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The Tire thing depends on the surface you drive. A soft tread will have more traction on a dirt path than a hard slick. A hard slick will have more traction on a drag strip than a soft tread.

Generally, on a slick surface flat will have more traction as more tire is on the ground. So rougher surfaces tread will have more traction as the tread will "wrap" around the dirt.

Soft and Hard have their place to. Generally for a softer surface you want a softer tire so the tire can form with the surface. So, why would you use a hard tire on anything. Well, a soft tire squishes upon torque of the wheel. This is great for off road and rough surfaces it's like a mini shock. But on a hard surface that is waste power to squish the tire. So for speed you would want hard.

Then you just have to mix and match the two types depending n the surface you are going to race on. Also you can put something like soft slicks on front and hard slicks on rear if you want a car with RWD to accelerate better on a slick surface but have the turnings wheel grip more (for drifting or harder turns).

I like that radioshack includes All different type of tires in one package. They could have easily made them seperate purchases (same with shocks, engines, etc...). Mainly, the best thing to do is play around with different setups on different surfaces. Learn how the car reacts with different setups.

So you really can't say one tire is better than another, they each have their purpose.

I also want to add to AWD. AWD "should" give you faster acceleration as there are 4 wheels doing the work instead of 2. This can differ upon setup too, especially with how differentials are setup. Also it takes more energy from the engine to rotate the 4 wheels. Basic physics right there.

Ever watch a GT race on speedvision. Notice how the Audi's get the hole shot and the BMW's are right behind. That AWD helps them accelerate a little bit faster.

Again, depending on the type of race you are racing, some mods are better than others. Take what is said here by sperry and me and apply it to the type of racing you do.

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