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ZipZaps Monster Truck FAQ

Alright, I think it's about time we had a ZipZaps Monster Truck FAQ!

Here's just a few items I've thought of so far, there'll be more to come I'm sure.

1. What's the big deal with these ZipZaps Monster Trucks?
The ZipZaps Monster Trucks ("MT" for short) are true 4-Wheel drive vehicles with front wheels that really steer. With it's 'monster' size tires these trucks have NO PROBLEM being driven on rugs indoors and can even handle going through grass and dirt outdoors! Along with all this each of the 4 wheels are removeable and make clearing out hairs and dirt very easy. These things are a TON OF FUN!

2. How many other people can I race with?
Unfortunately, the MTs only come in 2 frequencies; 27MHz and 49MHz. So only 2 people can race at once.

3. Can I use regular ZipZaps Motors?
Considering the size and extra torque needed to move the MTs, RadioShack uses a considerably bigger Motor (about 3x fatter) than the regular ZZ Motors. So, unless someone comes up with a Mod to let you use regular ZZ motors (might not be worth it though, since the regular motors might not have enough torque) you can NOT use regular ZipZaps motors.

4. Can I use the bodies from regular ZipZaps on the MTs?
Yes, no problem.

5. What about the SE bodies, will the lights work?
Yes, the SE bodies not only fit but has the same exact plug fitting and the lights work 100%.
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