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Originally Posted by quarterpound View Post
these look great! Hope, like everyone else that more models and anodized colors are coming soon. Can't wait to order some. Are more models still waiting to be updated on the site?
I should have all of the eight styles up soon. As Arch said there is only subtle diferences in many of them. As soon as they move some of the current inventory there will be some more unique styles and some of the current similar looking wheels will be dropped from the line. They are not doing any custom work, 17f and 18r are being added to the line. I will try and answer any questions here, but please don't badger them with daily emails about custom wheels and colors. These wheels were almost done as a favor initially but the owner found it interesting. It is in no way a money maker for them and if the emails get in the way of there real buseness I can see the wheels going away. When the full line is out we can do a poll about Anodizing colors and a few batches can be done. Additional we just simplified the shipping. All domestic orders are $4.00 USD flat rate shipping per order any quantity. and international is only $10.00 USD per order any quantity.

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