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I realise that I may upset some of the more die hard fans of the older micro rc cars, but I'm thinking of getting a Q-steer, sorry. I just can't see any reason why not to.

I think I've decided on the model TS04 or aka the "hot shot". The next bit is where I could do with some advice on how to modify it as I've notice that they can be a touch slow. I have seen them go a lot faster when modified, on youtube. I believe it's psible to use a bit char-g motor and gears to give it more speed, but having looked into it I don't know where to buy the motor, which motor or how to go about doing the mods to make it go faster.

Now if there is any reason I should rethink my purchase before I go ahead and then start it. Please let me know. I'm new to this and think it's a hobby I could enjoy without the Mrs telling me off for spending too much.

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