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This is copied from my rally course ideas and suggestions thread:

Ok, first off the materials list:

1 Package of Styroboard (styrofoam used for insulation) bought at Home Depot: $5

All Purpose craft glue (Brand Name "Tacky Glue") on sale for $1

Utility Knife...$3 preferably with a 4" blade if you can find one.

Crayola Model Magic... about $3 a pack and I used 3 small packs basically. DON'T USE PLAY-DOH, it will crack upon drying and then it looks like crap!

2'-4' piece of 1/4" thick Hard Fiberboard used for the base, $3 @ Home Depot, you can find it a number of sizes. I used this size to save on space.

Assorted Tempera Paints, $1.50 a bottle. Tempera cleans up real nice, it's water based and CHEAP!

Plaster of Paris, got 8lbs. for $5... another good deal, but difficult to work with. If I had to again I would just buy more Clay.

As for the trees? go out to your back yard and grab some twigs, then go to your local Arts and Crafts store and buy this stuff called "DEER MOSS". You can find it where they make floral presentations. Only $2.50 a bag and you'll only need one!! I just wandered upon it, what luck. Also you can buy cheap sponges from a Dollar store and shred them up. and if you want grass just tear the green pad off the sponge and use it.
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