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Cool ProPulse/RC18

I bought my younger boy a Propulse Truck for X-mas from Radio Shack. Had no idea what I was buying but since it was 50% off, I grabbed one. Charged up the $5 battery and off that little thing went. I was reminded of when I was a teen, racing a modified RC-10 electric against guys like Chris Doseck. Did a little research and found this Propulse is the RC18 and it is also sold under another name Megatech/Megapro. Went and bought a couple more, one for me and one for my older boy. I bought all the Propulse upgrades as they went on full clearance in Jan all for $1.97. (tire sets, dual motors, blue aluminum shocks, etc.)
One of them broke the main bolt down the center of the rear differential. Stopped at the local Hobby shop, got on the Team Associated parts wall and grabbed a dif rebuild kit for $5…. 15 mins later, off and running.
I just recently put the RC18MT tires and body on mine.
Check out to get a pretty comprehensive aluminum upgrade set for $100.
Fast and cheap…get one before they are gone.
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