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cdog4w 05-15-2008 12:47 PM

Mini-X hardbody build
I got a roller mini-x a couple of years back and it has been sadly gathering dust since. I finally took an hour or so to put some work into it and have it running roughly now. I always wanted to come back to a mini-x at some point as it was my first hobby RC and this was my chance. I am using a hard plastic body that I got in a trade, I assume from one of the 1/24 mini-z clones. It looks a little big on the mini-x (or the mini-x wheels look small, either way) but is otherwise a great looking body that has some nice details like the molded mesh grills. I made a front body clip out of kydex and screwed it to the front bumper, but am still using body posts in the rear as the body doesn't have side clips. I haven't put holes in the body for the rear body posts yet since I'd like to find a solution that doesn't involve putting more holes in the body.

For electronics I'm using a Kyosho half-8 integrated receiver/ESC along with its servo. I'm using the stock 5 cell battery that came with the car for now. Since I don't have the stock servo mount (or the stock servo), I bent some aluminum stock and drilled/tapped them to make a servo mount that puts the servo over the driveshaft. Unfortunately the only space for the h8 electronics is over the batteries so the CG isn't spectacular but it does fit under the body (and I got the electronics for free more or less). For steering I am using a z-bend piano wire setup similar to what the BRP SC18 uses stock. It mostly works but there is a little slack when returning to center after a left turn so I need to fix this somehow.

So a cheap work in progress, but should be fun to drive once I sort out the steering.






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