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jpoprock 09-22-2009 03:17 PM

Help with choosing motors that hold up to Lipo.
Hey guys. I'm new here. I'm not new to RC, but I'm fairly new to Mini veh's. I inherited about 5 Mini-T/DT vehicles, and a ton of extra parts, motors, axles, pins, screws, etc. All of them work for the most part, and some are hoppped up more than others. I had previously purchased a new Mini-DT for myself, and also got the Losi 1650mah Lipo for it. Everything is pretty much stock. Especially on the radio/esc/servo side. Some trucks have bearings, some still have bushings, some have beefier buckles and pins, some are still stock. Here are some of my problems:

It seems that the diff in my Mini-DT is blown. It clicks really badly, so I'm guessing it's stripped out. Should I just replace the gears, or should I buy a different kind of diff?

It seems like even though this Lipo is a drop in for these trucks, it is killing my motors. I burned the stock motor up in my DT and put one of the extra's I got with my Mini stash. It was a Trinity of some kind. Looked like the same kind that come on the Sliders. But it burned up too. I'm geared stock too. I don't get it. In fact, I've gone thru at least four motors. Whatever motor comes into to contact with that Lipo, gets smoked fairly quickly. I don't get it! I don't want to go BL right now. I just want a motor that will LAST with the lipo or nimh battery that I put in it. Any suggestions? I prefer to stay away from Venom motors. I bought one at the LHS for $10, and it worked for 5min then died. I loathe Venom batteries, so I'm assuming their motors are no exception!

It seems that if I were able to sort my motor problems out, I'd be set. All of these trucks need various other little tweaks, but the motors seem to be the most pressing need.

Because I have so many different kinds of motors, I seem to have problems figuring out which screws to use to mount them to the plate. I've learned that gear mesh is king with these little things. If it's too tight, it can smoke your motor quickly too. I seem to have a hard time knowing which screws go with what can, and getting the can to sit still. I'll get the mesh perfect, then the motor shifts when I tighten it down. I blame it on non-countersunk motor plates. But I don't know for sure.

Speaking of Lipo... I'd like to look into getting some more Lipo packs, but I don't want to have to pony up $50 for another Losi pack. Surely there are some good cheap Lipos out there that we know FIT the Mini's right? Like something from Hobbyking maybe? I just don't know how much Mah's or cells I can go up to w/ Stock ESC's. 2s is safe I'm sure. Any suggestions on good cheap brands to get?

That's about it for now.


falcon_az 10-14-2009 10:54 PM

Just bought one today and I'm also interested in running Lipos. Sounds like its an expensive propostition.

falcon_az 10-17-2009 10:41 AM

I had some Lipos from my Foamy (airplane) and dropped them in to see what'd happen. What a blast! I luv it.

My concern is for the Lipo packs - the stock radio gear/speed controller doesn't have voltage cutoff. I've got both the motor and the packs pretty warm all ready.

I ordered Castle Creations Sidewinder 1/18 Scale Motor/ESC Combo *OVER STOCKSALE!* the 5400Kv version from these folks http://www.b-p-p.com/product.php?productid=159. On sale for $70. The ESC has a low voltage cutoff/warning and I think thats the smart way to go with Lipos.

I'm ordering a few more Lipos from these guys:
You will like the pricing.

I've ordered 4 x Aero-nuts 2S1P 7.4V 200mah 12C Continuous WITHOUT balance plug (S2S1P200) = US$20.00
for my Mini Ts. They were $5 each! You gotta luv that.

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