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fastmax 10-18-2007 06:37 PM

Tamiya Tamtechs
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I think we should have a subforum for the Tamiya Tamtech line of buggies. They are excellent quality, great handling, and very fun. Here are a few pics of mine.

The Fox is set up for the brushless stadium class at my LHS. It's modified with Tamiya aluminum threaded body aeration dampers, Ti turnbuckles, DP 1/10 wheel adapters, TRC purple foams, a Mamba 5400 system, and Hyperion Litestorm 7.4v lipo.

The Hornet is set up for the mod brushed stadium class. It's modified with Mini-T aluminum shocks, Novak ESC, LRP Fusion high speed motor, HPI mini X-Pattern tires on stock wheels, and a Hyperion Litestorm 7.4v lipo. Both cars have the Tamiya nerf bar and bumper set, and are running Robinson Racing pinion gears.

tinyrc 10-22-2007 03:47 PM

fastmax, I'm really glad that you posted this - we've been debating whether to add a TT-Gear sub-forum here at TRC, or at our sister site YourMicro.com - or even halfEIGHT.com, since it's 1/16th scale. There are a number of posts at YM already:


but I'm more than happy to have the official sub-forum live here at TRC. Note that we do have a sub-forum for the old-school (on road) 1/24 TamTechs already:


It appears that we've been classifying them as YourMicro.com in the Shop:


I'd love to hear more about your Fox and Hornet - please continue to post, and we'll get the sub-forum set up ASAP. :)

fastmax 10-23-2007 10:06 AM

Well I had hoped to have some pics and vid of this past weekends racing, however I was unable to attend. I will be there this weekend though and will do my best to get some good action shots. I will also post race results, and setup tips for running on ozite, and RCP surfaces, so stay tuned.

I am really excited to try the TRC foams out on the track. Last season I only ran the HPI mini X-Patterns and although they worked well, the vehicles running foam tires always seemed to have a slight advantage over me going into and coming out of the corners. I feel that the reduced rotating mass of the foam tires had more to do with this than traction, so I hope this new setup will prove itself worthy. If so the Hornet will be getting DP adapters and some foam sneakers as well.

I'm looking forward to an official sub-forum here at TinyRC, and will do my best to get my buddies that are running Tamtechs to join up and post their info as well. Thanks for your consideration.

fastmax 10-23-2007 10:13 AM

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Here is another shot of the Fox, with 1/10 rubber. This was the set up I used in the summer for running on the asphalt road course.

fastmax 10-25-2007 11:29 AM

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Here's a couple body off shots. I'm probably not gonna be running the off road brushed class this winter. Too hectic to try and run 3 classes in the same night. So the Hornet may be up for sale or trade soon.

fastmax 10-29-2007 12:39 PM

Still haven't made it to the track yet, but I'll post results as soon as I do.

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