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stampede720 07-21-2003 01:36 PM

I finally made up my mind...
I decided to get the Epoch spec 2 as opposed to the micro rs4 or mini-z. It'll be a little while before i get it though because im going to hop up my stampede first. So now i decide which body i want. I like the Subaru WRC and Nissan Skyline. I am not really sure about the Skyline though. Does anyone have any detailed pics? Preferably the back? I have a feeling i will end up with the WRC but you never know...

Edit: Also, do i want to get the hard springs or the soft springs for susp. hopups?

Racer9 07-23-2003 05:31 PM

Both springs so you can tune it to your driving style:)

2G2SILVERSTRAT 07-31-2003 03:15 AM

get teh impreza......i had it and it looks freakin sweet

stampede720 07-31-2003 10:14 PM

Well maybe i hadnt totally made up my mind...
I have decided to get a mini-z. Tower has the viper for 100. Considering that isnt that much more than an epoch, I changed my mind. Guess thats another one lost to the Z forums:rolleyes: .

chelboed 08-02-2003 12:03 AM

Ya know, LXX makes a MINI-Z clone that is basically a Z made of different plastic. It's proportional and everything. (from what I hear) It's available in the red or blue Viper, or the Mercedes racer.

If you're not sure, just get one of those. They're like $30 at ToyEast.

squeegee 08-02-2003 08:45 PM

Hold up!!!
Don't get the LXX clone from toy east..............it may only be 30 dollars, but the shipping is like 37 dollars. I would say just spend the extra cash and get a normal Z. It's up to you.

stampede720 08-03-2003 01:50 AM

Well thanks i think ill get the real z. Although i wonder about the futaba indy car theyve got but i dont like the looks of it and dont think it can be upgraded. I just like to get the real thing that people have recommended.

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