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frizzen 10-18-2018 07:54 PM

Ford Econoline slotcar to BitClone
This section needed a new build real badly...

Throw away that 8-track and put a a record on the hi-fi. Cargo vans with side pipes, bubble windows, rims, tinted windows, and spoilers. Shag carpet, graphics and murals, mirrored ceilings, waterbed in the back. Your sports car may pick up chicks, but with this you've got somewhere to take them.
We're going Old School Vanning!

If this Bits rocking, don't come knocking!






Body is a 1970s (?) Ford Econoline from Ideal TCR slotcars, it's chassis had 1977 patent pending cast on bottom.

This is some random bullet clone that was just a chassis sitting in a box of parts. Stretched with abs and a soldering iron because i couldn't find where my 0.040 styrene went. Knocked together in a couple days so it wouldn't join the junkyard of projects.

Had to sweep dust out of my old bit/zip garage to even roll this in.

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