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Color0's Micro RC Blog -- A technical brain dump from the mind of yours truly...
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RCX 2011 Setup: Wrap-Up

Posted 06-19-2011 at 05:55 AM by color0
So over the past couple of weeks I've given as much insight as I could regarding how I set up my Mini-Z for the RCX 2011 races in Pomona, CA; as stated in the race report this was a big, but tight, low-traction track, and I participated in the Stock 80t class using spec handout motors. If you want all the details you'll have to dive into the articles themselves, but here I just wanted to make one last post to sum up everything that I put into my RCX setup from March.

The setup:
  • Chassis: Kyosho Mini-Z MR03
  • Body: Kyosho Porsche 911 GT1 LM
Front end:
  • PN Reverse Kingpin Front Suspension
  • Tower bar raised 0.4mm
  • PN steering knuckles, 0.4mm shims above knuckle, 1.0mm below
  • PN MR03 Orange springs
  • Custom spring holder: 1.6mm thick nut + 0.5mm shims under spring
  • 0 preload
  • 0 droop
  • 0 toe
  • 2deg caster
  • 1deg camber arms: 1deg static camber
  • 1.5mm ride height
  • Atomic 19mm S6 Delrin front rim +0N
  • PN X-Pattern 15 front tire, not trued
Rear end:
  • PN FRP T-plate #5
  • PN Reconfigurable Motor Pod (94mm)
  • PN Tri-shock
  • Side springs: 3racing AWD Black (soft)
  • Side damper grease: Kyosho 15000
  • Main spring: PN Red (3rd softest)
  • Main rebound spring: Atomic RCP MR02 Yellow (Super hard)
  • Main damper grease: Kyosho 15000
  • Lightweight differential: 106t 126p PN locking spur, 6 ceramic balls
  • PN 80t Stock motor: 27t 126p pinion
  • 2mm ride height
  • Atomic 20mm S6 Delrin rear rim +2.1W (+1.5W rim + 0.6mm shims)
  • PN 6deg radial tire, not trued
  • 3x2 AN0113 FET stack
  • GAIN: Strong
  • SPEED: Fast
  • PNCH: 2
  • D.BAND: Narrow
  • DUMP: Over
  • D.FREQ.: 1.2kHz
  • NUTRAL: Mid
  • BAKTIM: 1
  • ST.GAIN: 250
  • TH.GAIN: 250
Tx settings: KO Propo EX-1 UR:
  • Steering Travel: 70
  • Steering Travel: L70/R70
  • Steering Dual Rate: 82%
  • Steering Trim: R5
  • Steering Subtrim: R1
  • Steering Trim Rate (step size): 2
  • Steering Config: Normal (not reversed)
  • Steering Punch: 0%
  • Steering Curve: 0%
  • Steering Quick-Response: OFF
  • Steering Speed: L100%/R100%
  • Throttle Trim: 0
  • Throttle High Point: 60
  • Throttle Brake: 45
  • Throttle Subtrim: 0
  • Throttle Trim Rate (step size): 10
  • Throttle Config: Normal (not reversed)
  • Throttle Punch: F0%/R0%
  • Throttle Curve: F0%/R0%
  • Throttle Quick-Response: OFF
  • Throttle Speed: F100%/R100%

Individual points of consideration:

Wheels and tires:
  • Tire compound/absolute grip
  • Tire fit on rim
  • Tire sidewall stiffness
  • Tires' temperature during race
  • Wheel weight
  • Wheel flex
  • Wheel strength
  • Wheel offset
  • Wheel-bearing fit, precision
  • Bearings' freeness
  • Nuts' thread engagement
  • Obsessive tire management!
  • Shaft weight
  • Shaft straightness (check this after a hard hit!)
  • Diff hubs weight
  • Diff hubs' traction with pressure plates
  • Pressure plate flatness (sanding, etc.)
  • Pressure plate longevity
  • Pressure plates' traction with balls
  • Balls' roundness
  • Balls' material (affects hardness, roundness after time)
  • Spur gear weight
  • Spur gear teeth (finer = faster, weaker)
  • Spur gear ball hole design (circular vs pocketed (PN))
  • Thrust bearing condition (replace when worn!)
  • O-ring condition (replace if collapsing)
  • Diff grease
  • Diff tension
Rear end:
  • Wheelbase (shorter = traction, longer = corner speed)
  • Rear pod CG (higher = pivoting, lower = smoother cornering)
  • Rear pod weight
  • Gearing strategy (infield vs outfield advantage)
  • T-plate flex
  • T-plate precision
  • Grub screw pivot? (Yes for precision, No for traction)
  • Overall chassis weight before ballast
  • Ballast positioning!
  • Tweak!
  • Tri-shock vs. disk damper
  • Shock weight
  • Shock shaft smoothness
  • Side shock springs
  • Spring preload (don't let them fall out!)
  • Top shock spring
  • Rebound spring (PN shock only)
  • Spring size, weight
  • Damping grease
  • Side shock angles
  • Tri-shock clearance to body, wheels
  • Ride height
Front end:
  • Front suspension style (see article)
  • Spring linearity/progressiveness
  • Camber
  • Caster
  • Toe (I almost always default to 0)
  • Shims under tower bar
  • Shims above knuckle
  • Shims below knuckle
  • Preload shims/stack
  • Knuckles (ride height tuning)
  • Arm geometry symmetry
  • Ball joint fit
  • Ball material
  • Ball/hinge joint lubrication
  • Damping
  • Battery long-term health
  • False peaking
Electronics and transmitter:
And after a month of dragging everyone around, we're finally done! Next week I have a couple things to report on the differences between Stock and Mod Mini-Z racing, all while I'm learning myself how to make the transition.
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