View Full Version : Micro RS4 wheels

02-06-2003, 07:48 PM
I've read posts here and at other sites where people report RS4 wheels will fit a DRR. I've looked into the HPI wheel set up and I don't think so. At least not without a bit of working. The HPI uses a two peice set up (inner core and outer with the spokes and tires).
I'm thinking that if the greater size of the HPI 1/18 wheels allows proper turning and steering etc... an adaptor sleeve of plastic or lexan or PVC piping could be used to attach the HPI to the rear hub of the DRR. The front might be a differant story.

I'm looking for the diameter of the HPI 1/18 wheels to put together a mock up. I did find the width in several places to be anywhere from 17mm to 23mm (rear). This appears to able to work with the DRR.
Any help as I don't have any HPI wheels lying about.