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01-06-2003, 07:01 PM
I stumbled across an idea since I happened to be looking for battery packs for my DRR and my Nokia cell phone on ebay. I noticed that the batteries for the 5100/6100 series of Nokia cell phones are 3.6v. If I were to hook up two 3.6v batteries in series (which would be 7.2v) would it power my DRR? I have two unused NiMH 3.6v 900mah batteries laying around collecting dust. I thought I'd make a post about it before turning into a mad scientist and go experimenting blindly. You can find cheap Nokia cell batteries on ebay like this one listed :


The Nokia batteries seem to be light weight, slim, and have increased mah's compared to AAA's. The only problem I can see is how to hook up the batteries (so the contacts don't give out while driving around) and get them to stay still in the DRR (along with having easy access removing them for charging) and charging them (seperately or in series, etc).

I thought I'd share some ideas and see what the responce is since I'm no battery or R/C expert. I don't want to fry DRR and after only having it for 2 weeks.

Any input would be appreciated!



01-07-2003, 05:37 PM
I was in a discount electronics store (ie close out specials) last week and had a similar thought. They had 3.6v cordless phone batteries. The price for two appeared to be prohibative to say the least. But it did get me looking around target for similar batteries. I wonder the weight difference would be with this setup vs 7.2v RC pack. You could break down the cell battery cases to save weight.

Keep us informed.
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