View Full Version : Anyone else breaking steering arms ALL THE TIME?

11-17-2011, 08:23 PM
When I first got the trucks I was running on the bare floor and has the drain pipe setup like they have at RC tracks. With this configuration I had no problems and the trucks ran great for days and days providing lots of enjoyable time. Then I purchased an RCP track (two in fact) and set that up in my basement. Since we switched to that I've literally gone through 4+ steering arms and a servo. The problem appears that the foam wall that goes around the RCP track is a little too low for the Losi trucks. The body sits above the wall so every time you even skim the wall that foam wants to just grab the front wheels and push hard against them. I was going to purchase the rail liners but no one seems to have them in stock. Anyone have suggestions? I'd really like to get back to the full time fun with these things.

Also I've ordered the rally bodies and bumper kits for them, I was going to give that a try and see if that helped protect the front wheels any better since the Rally bodies sit lower and cover the wheels a little more. I had a few other suggestions like acrylic around the outside of the track, but I really want to keep easy configuration of the track so I can quickly and easily change track layouts. That was one of the key factors to purchasing the track.


11-18-2011, 11:06 PM
I found a solution somewhere I read about someone using a zip tie and I tried this. It works really well and I think the flexibility of it prevents the steering arms from breaking or tearing up the servo. Simply take a wide zip tie cut it to length and then make the holes with an exacto knife. Truck wheels still hit the foam padding on the rails but haven't had any problems since switching to these. It also has a secondary advantage which is steering adjustment since you're creating the links you can shorten them or lengthen them to get the steering angle you want.