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11-07-2010, 11:42 PM
there were 9 participants yesterday so that meant 2 mains. the 'smaller' main would be a race to determine who earns the last available spot in Main A. i believe its important that everyone get to participate in a 'final' even you don't have the best skills but i also thinks its important to insure the more skilled drivers get to compete with others of comparative skill allowing them to perform with minimal interference. a final wouldn't be very interesting with only 2 or 3 drivers so i always make sure there are at least 4 drivers in the Main B and the maximum 6 drivers in Main A. if there are 8 participants, the top 4 qualifying drivers are in Main A and the top 2 drivers from the remaining 4 in Main B will earn a spot in Main A. if there are 9 participants, the top 5 qualifying drivers are in Main A and 1 driver from the remaining 4 in Main B will earn a spot in Main A.

eventually i hope there will be so many drivers participating that all mains will be full.... 6 drivers in Main A, 6 in Main B, etc. right now, we're still growing so my decisions are in an effort to keep things interesting and fun until the sheer volume of drivers eliminates the need to do it this way.

everything i do at nanotrax is done 'on the fly'. there's no script or examples for me to follow when organizing races and - again - my decisions are made in an attempt to insure everyone has fun, is treated fairly and maintains the spirit of friendly competition. that was the idea when i added a 'required pit stop' challenge to the Main A. i announced this during qualifying and everyone seemed to like the idea.... an interesting twist which - i hoped - would add excitement to our club race. :cool:

Hugh, Ian, Boris & Thon raced for the final spot in Main A. Hugh came out on top and joined Robby, Dahm, Andy G, Olaf and myself in Main A. the race went pretty smooth and everyone improved on their performance. everyone chose the best time for them during the 30 mins to change their battery except Robby who waited until time expired and changed his on the final lap just before crossing the finish line.

note: thanks to Hugh for bringing in his X-Box and allowing us all to play the F1 simulator game. i believe Ian is totally addicted and will soon be investing in an X-Box, that F1 game and a 'big ass' high resolution monitor. please bring it back and leave it at nanotrax next time :p

Season 3, Round 20 @ F1R (Main A-30 Mins, CW) – November 8, 2010
1 -225 Laps - {8.14 Avg. Lap} - [#97/7.29 Fast Lap] - Robby (ENZO Ferrari) - +0pts
2 -215 Laps - {8.4 Avg. Lap} - [#81/7.36 Fast Lap] - Q'on (Lamborghini Murcielago GT)
3 -203 Laps - {8.96 Avg. Lap} - [#47/7.66Fast Lap] - Dahm (Ferrari 360 Modena)
4 -190 Laps - {9.5 Avg. Lap} - [#45/7.82 Fast Lap] - Olaf (Audi R8 GT) - +8pts
5 -170 Laps - {10.66 Avg. Lap} - [#58/8.20 Fast Lap] - Hugh (Lamborghini Murcielago GT) - +6pts
6 -163 Laps - {11.22 Avg. Lap} - [#8/8.11Fast Lap] - Andy (Nissan Fairlady Z) - +5pts
Top Qualifer = Robby (ENZO Ferrari) @ 7.20 secs

Championship Points (Season 3):
Ian = 233pts - +5pts
Olaf = 151pts
Robby = 140pts
Hugh = 124ts
Dylan = 85pts
Calvin = 67pts
Andy = 20pts
Slim = 15pts
Vincent = 15pts
Marc = 13pts
Ek = 10pts
Doug = 10pts
Ryan = 8pts
Will = 5pts
Boris = 5pts

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