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09-20-2010, 03:15 AM
after coffee @ 7:49am... this week's race was held on F1R and there was a full grid of drivers on hand for the meet. up for grabs? a Reventon Type Shell and everyone wanted to get their hands on it. the qualifying was close with the top 5 drivers all within .08 seconds of the fastest lap time. i got the TQ, but it didn't mean much in the final as we watched Dahm and Olaf set a blistering place from sound off. Joe and Dylan had car troubles which eliminated them as a factor after the first half of our 30-min final. after getting comfortable with the pace, i was able to work my way back up from 4th place to 3rd, overtaking Ian. my goal was to at least catch Dahm, but it was too little too late. Hugh improved his performance but both he and Joe lost their 787b's spoiler during the final which can wreak havoc on handling. the traffic was a big factor this week, but Olaf surprised us all by grabbing a win with the R8, a car that normally struggles to keep pace with the GT type cars on F1R; he earned this one and hacked another chunk out of Ian's lead in our drivers' championship race. it looks like it may be a close finish this season.... here's the complete results:

Season 3, Round 12 @ F1R (CCW) - September 19, 2010

1 -181 Laps - {9.96 Avg. Lap} - [#45/9.00 Fast Lap] - Olaf (Audi R8 GT) +20pts
2 -175 Laps - {10.29 Avg. Lap} - [#126/9.03 Fast Lap] - Dahm (Lamborghini Murcielago GT)
3 -172 Laps - {10.48 Avg. Lap} - [#140/9.04 Fast Lap] - Qon (Nissan Fairlady Z-MOTUL)
4 -171 Laps - {10.57 Avg. Lap} - [#12/9.14 Fast Lap] - Ian (Aston Martin Racing DBR9) +8pts
5 -162 Laps - {11.19 Avg. Lap} - [#123/9.69 Fast Lap] - Hugh (Mazda 7878b) +6pts
6 -89 Laps-(DNF) - {20.62 Avg. Lap} - [#33/9.48 Fast Lap] - Dylan (ENZO Ferrari) +5pts
7 -72 Laps-(DNF) - {25.05 Avg. Lap} - [#39/11.27 Fast Lap] - Joe (Mazda 787b)
Top Qualifer = Qon (Nissan Fairlady Z-MOTUL) @ 8.79secs

NanoTrax Championship Points (Season 3)
Ian = 152pts
Olaf = 108pts
Dylan = 85pts
Hugh = 82pts
Calvin = 67pts
Robby = 40pts
Vincent = 15pts
Slim = 10pts
Ek = 10pts
Doug = 10pts
Ryan = 8pts