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09-05-2010, 10:02 AM
Dahm is NOT a member at NanoTrax, but he's certainly our most dedicated visitor and race participant. he probably owns more dNano cars than any other and he's does more mods, fixing and practices more than all others including me. initially, he wasn't a very good driver but he committed himself to finding a car that fit his style and has been practicing with it almost daily for ~3-4 hours per day. today was the day he proved that even a mediocre driver with a good car and plenty of practice can come in and win.... well, not win, but place extremely well :E)

we saw the return of Slim today who only had qualifying to practice with his new MOTUL Autech Z, so he elected to excuse himself from the final due to a prior engagement (i.e. wifey came to drag him away). i planned to drive the "Z" with my new XTreme motor but the competition was serious so i decided to stick with the more reliable Murcielago LP640 GT which i used to grab the TQ spot, snatching it from Olaf in the 2nd session. Ian was in 3rd, Dylan got 4th, Dahm was 5th and Slim rounded out at 6th. we started the final with only 5 cars so we expected it should be rather easy going with minimal traffic on the circuit.

i shot off to the lead and kept it for the entire race but there was a battle for 2 and 3rd for the full 30 mins. Ian and Olaf exchanged positions several times, while Dahm moved up to take 2nd place, refusing to relenquish it to either of the 2 in hot pursuit. in the last 5 minutes, Olaf was pushing hard trying to catch Dahm. he blasted down the straight into the long curve on the far end of the circuit and went into a roll that sent his car off the track. it took a few moments to get it back as no driver has EVER done that during a final but it completely eliminated the possibility of his coming back to spoil Dahm's first ever 2nd place finish. Dylan had technical trouble due to an overtightened wheel hub installation which caused his DNF. it was an excellent race and our normal top drivers now have another competitor to deal with - the top points spots were taken by drivers who don't earn points! here are the official results:

Season 3, Round 10 @ F1R (CCW) - September 5, 2010

1 -181 Laps - {9.96 Avg. Lap} - [#82/8.91 Fast Lap] - Qon (Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 GT)
2 -180 Laps - {10.05 Avg. Lap} - [#130/9.19 Fast Lap] - Dahm (Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 GT)
3 -174 Laps - {10.39 Avg. Lap} - [#66/8.87 Fast Lap] - Olaf (Aston Martin Racing DBR9) +11pts
4 -174 Laps - {10.4 Avg. Lap} - [#56/9.17 Fast Lap] - Ian (Aston Martin Racing DBR9) +8pts
5 -50 (DNF) Laps - {36.28 Avg. Lap} - [#16/9.50 Fast Lap] - Dylan (ENZO Ferrari) +6pts
Top Qualifer = Qon (Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 GT) @ 8.90secs

NanoTrax Championship Points (Season 3)
Ian = 138pts
Hugh = 76pts
Dylan = 74pts
Olaf = 73pts
Calvin = 67pts
Robby = 40pts
Vincent = 15pts
Doug = 10pts
Ryan = 8pts
Slim = 5pts
Ek = 5pts