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08-29-2010, 10:32 AM
today was F1 Sunday and that means another battle for 'the crown' on Lounge Circuit F2L, this time in CCW direction followed by an equally eventful Belgian Grand Prix. Dylan came thru in time to start qualifying and he'd started the party early so we'd get to experience what its like to race with one intoxicated driver. let's just say 'don't drink & drive' applies to full scale and dnano cuz the results weren't pretty. Dylan's ENZO was up to the task, but he wasn't and most of his 125 laps were spent dodging other drivers and serving as an obstacle to keep the race close. Olaf returned and in true champions' fashion, led from start to finish. Ian was in hot pursuit and looked close to catching up, but his efforts were daunted by a few crashes... i did my best to keep up with him but the Gallardo just didn't have the goods even on foams. it couldn't keep its footing consistently though i clocked some decent in-race times. Hugh improved considerably from Friday's performance but struggled with pace and consistency. we all enjoyed a few laughs and screams throughout the entire final, then sat together and watched a wild Grand Prix. great race day guys, thanks for coming!

Season 3, Round 9 @ F2L (CCW) - August 29, 2010

Main A - 30mins
1- 275 Laps - {6.55 Avg. Lap} - [#49/5.41 Fast Lap] - Olaf (Aston Martin Racing DBR9) +20pts
2- 271 Laps - {6.65 Avg. Lap} - [#122/5.50 Fast Lap] - Ian (Aston Martin Racing DBR9) +15pts
3- 263 Laps - {6.86 Avg. Lap} - [#196/5.55 Fast Lap] - Qon (Lamborghini Gallardo GT)
4- 232 Laps - {7.77 Avg. Lap} - [#157/4.91 Fast Lap] - Hugh (Lamborghini Reventon GT) +8pts
5- 125 Laps - {14.41 Avg. Lap} - [#108/5.94 Fast Lap] - Dylan (ENZO Ferrari) +6pts
TOP QUALIFIER = Olaf (Aston Martin Racing DBR9 @ 5.20secs)

NanoTrax Championship Points (Season 3)
Ian = 130pts
Hugh = 76pts
Dylan = 68pts
Calvin = 67pts
Olaf = 62pts
Robby = 40pts
Vincent = 15pts
Doug = 10pts
Ryan = 8pts
Ek = 5pts