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08-27-2010, 01:31 PM
note: sorry i haven't been posting the reports lately, previous reports are available on the nanotrax community (http://www.nanotrax.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=7).

this week is Calvin's last so i had to organize a special race to give him one last chance to earn a win before an extended trip back to the UK. F2L in the lounge was the venue and five drivers answered the invitation. we held a 30-minute 'express' qualifier and i took the TQ with my 787b. before the qualifier, Dylan set a lap record @ 5.11 seconds and Calvin hit 5.12 seconds but neither he or Calvin could find the groove when it counted. Dylan took off to an early lead while Calvin and i battled for 2nd place for a long while until i was able to take the lead, then the battle for 2nd switched to a standoff between Dylan and Calvin. Dahm was on rubber tires and struggled with traction and did his best to avoid being run down by Calvin though his efforts were futile considering Mr. Crash-A-Lot's uncanny skill in finding the ass of other competitors. I'll have to let Hugh post his comments on his performance, i don't recall him having major troubles but he wasn't able to keep pace. definitely a fever pitched battle, i was lucky to stay out of trouble and get a win. we'll be back on F2L Sunday for the regular club race.

Season 3, Round 8b @ F2L (CW) - August 27, 2010

Main A - 30mins
1 -269 Laps - {6.7 Avg. Lap} - [#103/5.44 Fast Lap] - Qon (Mazda 787b)
2 -262 Laps - {6.88 Avg. Lap} - [#47/5.42 Fast Lap - Calvin (Lamborghini Murcielago LP640) +15pts
3 -255 Laps - {7.09 Avg. Lap} - [#88/5.50 Fast Lap] - Dylan (ENZO Ferrari) +11pts
4 -251 Laps - {7.18 Avg. Lap} - [#113/5.83 Fast Lap] - Dahm (Porsche Carrera GT)
5 -240 Laps - {7.5 Avg. Lap} - [#43/5.94 Fast Lap] - Hugh (Lamborghini Reventon GT) +6pts
TOP QUALIFIER = Qon (Mazda 787b) @ 5.26secs

NanoTrax Championship Points (Season 3)
Ian = 115pts
Hugh = 68pts
Calvin = 67pts
Dylan = 62pts
Olaf = 42pts
Robby = 40pts
Vincent = 15pts
Doug = 10pts
Ryan = 8pts
Ek = 5pts