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07-11-2010, 01:15 PM
today was a strange club race... the meet was set to happen on F2L but ended up on F1R. for some reason, the lap counters caught a bad case of the 'missed lap counts' and F2L was un-raceable. this was a disappointing development for Ian and a moment of elation for Robby. i have to completely re-install windows on both F1R and F2L workstations and we'll eventually have a 'do-over' on F2L. none of our cars were ready for F1R, as we all practiced and tuned for F2L but it was a bit of fun and comical that it turned out the way it did. Dylan and I battled for 2nd place, Hugh and Ian battled for 3rd and Daam couldn't keep up due to the complete change in surface. Robby sailed to another victory in his last club race before going home. we'll get it together for next week on F2L.... i'm sure Ian will be happy about that :8)

Season 3, Round 2 @ F1R July 11, 2010

Main A Final (30 Minutes, F1R-ZigZag, CCW)
1 -Robby / ENZO Ferrari (165 Laps) +20pts
2 -Qon / Nissan Fairlady Z (152 Laps)
3 -Dylan / ENZO Ferrari (148 Laps) +11pts
4 -Hugh / Lamborghini Reventon (134 Laps) +8pts
5 -Ian / Aston Martin Racing DBR9 (134 Laps) +6pts
6 -Daam / Porsche Carrera GT (117 Laps)

NanoTrax Championship Points (Season 3)
Robby = 40pts
Hugh = 13pts
Ian = 12pts
Dylan = 11pts
Olaf = 11pts
Doug = 5pts

07-11-2010, 04:44 PM
wow, someone is racing one of those limited laborghini's?

funny you guys had lap counter problems, our club did as well yesterday. first time in a very long time. cost us over an hour of time and all our mini-z f1 races for the day.

07-11-2010, 06:14 PM
yep, doug and hugh both have and race one. the counter problem was strange... it was working fine just a few days ago but today the number of missed laps was unacceptable. there's gotta be some interference from software or hardware proximity. if i find a solution, i'll let ya know.