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06-29-2010, 12:48 AM
we’re now coming to the end of the 6th month of this year, the end of the NanoTrax Drivers’ Championship Points (Season 2) and the beginning of Season 3 so that means, we’re due for a new layout on our main racing circuit, F1R. yesterday we spent several hours installing ‘Zig Zag’ (named by Joom! ;-)). Doug, Olaf and Dylan stopped by for their first test run in the evening, each trying to decide which is the best car to handle its new challenges. this past sunday, we held our final race of Season 2 in the lounge on F2L and it was an intense, 2 main race that ended with a win by ‘yours truly’ in the Ferrari F40. i finally was able to best Robby DV but it came on a circuit that is difficult to tune for. F2L’s tiles are hard and vary in texture causing inconsistent car handling which turned out to be an advantage for me and the local members. Olaf dropped into Main B along with Hugh, Doug & Dylan but was able to grab a spot in Main A by winning the Main B. Main A was feverish, high speed competition including myself, Robby, Ian, Vincent and Olaf. i’m sure everyone’s eyes were burning as there’s no time to blink when racing on a quick circuit with no straights. everyone was in a rush to bounce after the race, so no pics but here’s the report. be sure to check out pics of Olaf’s custom painted Aston Martin Racing DBR9 on the nanotrax forum (http://www.nanotrax.net/forum/).

Club Race Results for June 27, 2010 (Season 2, Week 26)

Main A Final (30 Mins):
1 – Q’on / Ferrari F40 (278 Laps)
2 – Robby / Ferrari F40 (276 Laps) +15pts
3 – Ian / Aston Martin Racing DBR9 (256 Laps) +11pts
4 – Olaf / Audi R8 (246 Laps) +8pts
5 – Vincent / Chevrolet Corvette C6-R (224 Laps) +6pts

Main B Final (20 Mins):
1 – Olaf / Audi R8 (175 Laps)
3 – Dylan / ENZO Ferrari (166 Laps) +5pts
2 – Hugh / Lamborghini Reventon (142 Laps) +5pts
4 – Doug / Lamborghini Gallardo (119 Laps) +5pts
— Top Qualifier = Q’on / Ferrari F40 (5.44secs)

NanoTrax DCP Standings
Olaf = 247 pts - Season 2 Champion!
Ian = 196 pts
Marlowe = 174 pts
Vincent = 166 pts
Dylan = 116 pts
Erwin = 50 pts
Marc = 36 pts
Robby = 35 pts
Hugh = 31 pts
Doug = 25 pts
Brian = 15 pts
Calvin = 11 pts
Boris = 5 pts
Tony = 5 pts
Johnny = 5 pts