View Full Version : Race Report: June 20, 2010

06-20-2010, 11:16 AM
this week, we knew everyone had to bring their 'A' game cuz one of Mini-Z Masters' (Europe) Top 5 drivers, Robby DV, visited to race with us again. Robby's been a member since Summer 2009 but only visits Thailand 2-3 months of the year. each time he comes, he raises the bar and we all do our best to step up and meet the challenge. 2 of our top drivers (Vincent & Olaf) were absent for this contest, so Dylan, Ian and myself prepped and practiced in a final that started a bit messy. there were multiple crashes but nothing that disabled anyone's car. as nerves calmed down across the drivers' stand, Robby's nerves stayed cool as usual and his robotic consistency saw him clock an average 10.99 seconds and rack up the highest lap total on Strata in the current direction. i did my best to keep up but a few collisions and missteps took me out of contention but i finished a respectable 2nd, while Dylan followed in 3rd. he had tire troubles, but was able to recover to maintain his position. Dahm surprised everyone with a 4th place finish, driving slow and consistent, besting briefly visiting Erwin. Ian literally had a tire blowout when his rear tire suffered a tear causing him to drop to 6th, followed by Doug who improved but is still working to keep up with the pack. it was a race pushed at a feverish pace that kept everyone on their toes. this was the last club race on Strata, and we'll be on F2L next week for the F1 Grand Prix.

Club Race Results for June 20, 2010 (Week 25)

Main A Final (30 Mins):
1- Robby / ENZO Ferrari (165 Laps) +20pts
2– Q’on / Mazda 787b (161 Laps)
3– Dylan / ENZO Ferrari (141 Laps) +11pts
4– Dahm / Porsche Carrera GT (124 Laps)
5– Erwin / Ferrari FXX (123 Laps) +6pts
6– Ian / Aston Martin Racing DBR9 (110 Laps) +5pts
7– Doug / Lamborghini Reventon (93 Laps) +5pts
— Top Qualifier = Q’on / Mazda 787b (9.40secs)

NanoTrax DCP Standings
Olaf = 239 pts
Ian = 185 pts
Marlowe = 174 pts
Vincent = 160 pts
Dylan = 111 pts
Erwin = 50 pts
Marc = 36 pts
Hugh = 26 pts
Robby = 20 pts
Doug = 20 pts
Brian = 15 pts
Calvin = 11 pts
Boris = 5 pts
Tony = 5 pts
Johnny = 5 pts