View Full Version : Race Report: June 13, 2010

06-14-2010, 01:02 PM
sorry i'm late on the report, we had to recover from a 'nanotrax club night on the town' :D attended by four members in the club - but no worries, it was the first but definitely not the last. as far as the race, it felt a bit crowded during the heat of battle as everyone got caught in the occasional traffic jam and colisions were frequent but caused little or no damage. tire troubles plagued Vincent and Olaf once again but both recovered to place 2nd and 3rd. Ian battled for a while but apparently had issues with power management, experience technical difficulties that eliminated his chance of besting Vincent. Daam participated again to grab 5th place and Doug made a rare appearance to pick up some participation points. i had a bad start after grabbing the TQ spot and came back from last in the pack to win my 2nd in a row with the Nissan. Robby DV is on his way in and Erwin arrived today so expect the competition to get even stiffer in the coming club races.

Club Race Results for June 13, 2010 (Week 24)

Main A Final (30 Mins):
1– Q’on / Nissan Fairlady Z (149 Laps)
2– Olaf / Aston Martin Racing DBR9 (145 Laps) +15pts
3– Vincent / Chevrolet Corvette C6-R (135 Laps) +11pts
4– Ian / Aston Martin Racing DBR9 (133 Laps) +8pts
5– Dahm / Porsche Carrera GT (117 Laps)
6– Doug / Nissan Fairlady Z (74 Laps) +5pts
— Top Qualifier = Q’on / Nissan Fairlady Z (9.68secs)

NanoTrax DCP Standings
Olaf = 239 pts
Ian = 180 pts
Marlowe = 174 pts
Vincent = 160 pts
Dylan = 100 pts
Erwin = 44 pts
Marc = 36 pts
Hugh = 26 pts
Brian = 15 pts
Doug = 15 pts
Calvin = 11 pts
Boris = 5 pts
Tony = 5 pts
Johnny = 5 pts