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05-30-2010, 01:48 PM
on May 30, 2009 NanoTrax officially opened its doors and 1-year and many experiences later, our anniversary fell on the perfect sunday. Club racing on F2L, F1 Grand Prix coverage and a celebration was on the schedule. we decided to keep the party small inviting just members who happened to be in town. Joom made snacks and the draft beer was open but since most drivers’ skills go straight to hell after the 3rd glass of cold Heineken, everyone waited to take down the keg. Dahm joined us for the race with his newly acquired Porsche Carrera GT and newly painted wheels but unfortunately, practiced on F1R for the past few days and ended up in last place. Hugh keeps getting faster and found himself in a battle with Olaf for 4th place. Olaf had troubles with the DBR9, falling short of Marlowe in 3rd place. Ian found a good rhythm but couldn’t stay on top of my F40. as far as our anniversary, i feel blessed that we were able to survive in a turbulent economy and this is only one hurdle of many we’ll have to overcome. thanks to all those that have supported us and helped us make it this far. until next time, check the results + pics below and if you’re racing in your area, pick up everything you’ll need at our online shop (https://shop.nanotrax.net).

Club Race Results for May 30, 2010 (Week 22)

Main A Final (30 Mins):
1– Q’on / Ferrari F40 (252 Laps)
2– Ian / Aston Martin Racing DBR9 (245 Laps) +15
3– Marlowe / McLaren F1 GTR (242 Laps) +11
4– Olaf / Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (228 Laps) +8
5– Hugh / Mazda 787b (225 Laps) +6
6– Dahm / Porsche Carrera GT (172 Laps) +5
— Top Qualifier = Q’on / Ferrari F40 (5.53secs)

NanoTrax DCP Standings
Olaf = 213 pts
Marlowe = 174 pts
Ian = 158 pts
Vincent = 134 pts
Dylan = 100 pts
Erwin = 44 pts
Marc = 30 pts
Hugh = 21 pts
Brian = 15 pts
Calvin = 11 pts
Doug = 10 pts
Boris = 5 pts
Tony = 5 pts
Johnny = 5 pts

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