View Full Version : Race Report: May 9, 2010

05-09-2010, 12:37 PM
just as i was thinking traffic was flowing slower than Iceland lava flows, were hit on Sunday with a pleasant breeze of new & old members, new & old visitors, F1 racing and a club race with enough participants to complain about the traffic on F1R. Boris and his Uncle Tony from Holland joined us recently and made their first appearance in a club race. Olaf, Ian and even the mysterious Marc returned along with Hugh with IPad in hand. BKK Will stopped by to enjoy some of my wife Jooms wonderful cooking and take a short spin in a rental before heading back to Bangkok in his chauffeured limousine (well, its a pathfinder driven by a very patient Thai dude but, its quite luxurious). after a few practice laps and qualifying, the final began at ~6:25pm. though i was top qualifier, it goes to show the fastest driver isnt always the winning driver. for a while, there was a battle brewing for 3rd place but Marc was out of practice and Ian took command to round out the top 3. this is the first official club race of May and im sure itll only get more competitive.

Club Race Results for May 9, 2010 (Week 19)

Main A Final (30 Mins):
1 Olaf / Audi R8 (155 Laps) +20
2 Qon / Ferrari F40 (151 Laps)
3 Ian / Aston Martin Racing DBR9 (133 Laps) +11
4 Marc / Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (128 Laps) +8
5 Hugh / Mazda 787b (102 Laps) +6
6 Boris / ENZO Ferrari (96 Laps) +5
7 Tony / Audi R8 (72 Laps) +5
Top Qualifier = Qon / Ferrari F40 (9.47secs)

NanoTrax DCP Standings
Olaf = 186 pts
Marlowe = 138 pts
Vincent = 134 pts
Ian = 117 pts
Dylan = 92 pts
Erwin = 44 pts
Marc = 18 pts
Brian = 15 pts
Calvin = 11 pts
Doug = 10 pts
Boris = 5 pts
Tony = 5 pts
Johnny = 5 pts