View Full Version : Battery mods and voltage tolerance...

02-24-2004, 02:17 PM
Hey all. Got a newbie-ish question or two some of you may be able to help me with.

In preparation for the arrival of my Rovers, I had been considering various possibilities for battery pack mods. Batteries are pretty expensive here in the UK, especially these 3V cells the Rovers feed on. Ive come up with a couple of possibilities, but now that my Rovers are actually here Im feeling hesitant about actually making the mods. They look so cool Im not sure I want an external battery pack and Im also worried about doing something that will damage it irrepairably (or at least for my level of skill).

My first question to you all is do you think it is really worth going for it? I know that modding them is all part of the fun, and Ive really been looking forward to doing it, but is the risk and the extra ugly 'cargo' worth the return in longevity? I guess I could mod one and leave the other as normal.

Second question. Connecting batteries in parallel increases the current which improves the 'endurance' of the battery pack. Connecting them in series increases the overall voltage which should give the Rover more speed. With the latter statement in mind, does anybody know what the voltage tolerance of the Rovers is? The instruction leaflet in the box doesnt mention this spec and Id like to know how far they can be pushed if at all. I think I recall reading a post on these forums by Plantraco that they can take 3.7V cells. Could they take more?