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10-16-2003, 05:30 AM
Hi everybody, I'm living in the Principality of Monaco and I'm DTM-X4 fan for over 2 years. Unfortunately the distribution of this model is around zero and we are only 3 at track to play with.

I saw, one time, on ABC Hobby website that they're producing an optional Chassis+radio tray in Carbon. Does anybody now where I can find and buy this item (e-store...)?

Thank you for the help

10-16-2003, 05:33 PM
Sorry I've only seen the carbon fiber chassis for the SP.

10-17-2003, 04:12 AM
Thank for the reply.
It's true that we can commonly find the Carbon Chassis for the DTM SP.
But I have the Original ABC Hobby catalogue with the picture and the ref. for the DTM-X4.

If I give the right ref. from ABC, would anyone be able to get 1 or 2 ?

10-17-2003, 01:13 PM
Francois, you may want to try and contact following site. I've purchased my SP and X-4 from them. Perhaps they can special order it for you.


11-05-2003, 11:07 AM
Sure, it does exist, Francois.
We can buy it at LHS here in Japan, but I don't know where online.

11-05-2003, 01:00 PM
Thank you very much Ikinary for the help.
If you have any news about online shops don't hesitate to contact me again

11-07-2003, 05:38 AM
What do they go for over there in your lhs, and maybe you could get us a few, and we could get you somthing from over here that you do not have :-) ??????

11-07-2003, 07:28 AM
Sorry, but I can't.
I searched the number of the caron chassis set.

49 58489 62560 2
DTM-SP Carbon Chassis Set

The first number is a number called "JAN code", but I don't know what it means.
The second number is the procduct number of the ABC items.
The price is 3200 JPY(Japanese Yen).

Hope this helps. ;)

11-07-2003, 07:31 AM
Sorry that's for SP. But I leave it for someone who needs it.
Here's the one for X4.

49 58489 62660 9
DTM-X4 Carbon Chassis Set
3,200 JPY


11-19-2003, 02:37 AM
I found a Graphite Chassis as well as a front one way diff!:D :D :D

12-07-2003, 07:35 PM
where? online? or @ your LHS?

10-21-2004, 03:21 AM
I'm resurrecting this thread to second the request - WHERE do you find the CF chassis for the X-4? I found a site in HK and in JP, neither seem to have them in stock anymore.

Anyone? Bueller?

10-21-2004, 06:50 PM
I am working with a Hong Kong contact to see if they can get them again. I have been hunting for these as well.

I will let everyone know when I learn whether it is possible or not.

11-10-2004, 06:31 PM
Ok DTM-X4 fans - I have a line on some Graphite Chassis sets and aluminum parts for the X4.

I have no line on a one way. I know of one shop in HK that sold them, but as with all these parts - they cost some BIG DOUGH.

I have a line into the sales group and am trying to find out how many chassis sets I can buy from them direct. I will keep you posted.

Let me know HERE in this forum, if there is interest. I will get final price and cost to ship per item (bulk cost divided by number of parts I order).

I will also list the aluminum alloy parts that I can get.



11-13-2004, 03:01 AM
Hi kyle,

Thanks a lot for the information. I've never heard of the alloy parts for DTM-X4, so I'm really excited to hear that.

Please keep us posted about the alloy parts;)

Thank you,

11-13-2004, 11:09 AM
X4 Fans......

Here is a quick picture of the ALLOY PARTS that I am trying to get.

Ikinari - email me direct and let me know if you are interested and how many you might want.

Regards all.


12-14-2004, 11:22 PM
Ikinari.... this question is off topic but this is hte last thread you visited... what brand and kind of servo did you use in your CRT mini-Z PCB modification?

01-18-2005, 08:45 PM
Kyle, can you email me about these alloy parts? Thanks,



01-19-2005, 01:05 AM
Sorry for delay. I bought the servo at my LHS, and don't remember exactly what model of what manufacturer.
I'll check it and tell you later.