View Full Version : iRacer vs. Zip Zaps SE

09-11-2003, 09:18 PM
Which do you think whould be a better car for someone who is looking all around good car?

09-11-2003, 11:01 PM
That really depends. I love my iRacer, but I also have a M/S Pro with a 3.8.

In my opinion, the microsizers are funner because you can modify them, and with a little work, they're faster than the iRacer, at least the M/S Pro is. I had an old-school original Zip Zap, and I tried best as I could to make it really fast, and it just was not up to the task. I haven't had the joy of messing with the Zip Zaps SE yet. Maybe I'll see if there's a good demo unit in the stores here. Maybe I'll show 'em who's boss with either my M/S Pro or iRacer. :)

here's how I see it:

iRacer Vs. M/S Pro (closest thing to a ZZSE I have)

- iRacer is slower than a properly modded M/S Pro
+ iRacer is Still damn fast, way faster than an M/S Pro with the 2.2 motor, has fully proportional steering and accelleration. Can turn on a DIME when it's stopped.
- Learning how to drive an iRacer or any rear-wheel-steering car is very difficult
+ Once driving it has been mastered, you can do insane tricks and handle very complex courses at a very high speed. I'd almost say a good driver could outmaneuver most bit clones in an iRacer or DigiQ, but you REALLY do need lots of practice to get comfy with the iRacer.
- iRacer is basically not moddable, at least not nearly to the extent as other cars. You can graphite the gears. There's not a lot more you can do. :(

For an all-round very nice car that is fun to drive, the iRacer is great. It's very small and I think it offers more shock value than the Radio controlled counterparts.

If you can't leave well enough alone, then look elsewhere. The iRacer is not for you.