View Full Version : Brand new TamTech owner with brand new TamTechs

04-10-2003, 04:08 PM
Picked up my new toys tonight Tamiya TamTech 1/24 RC Racers!

One is a complete TamTech kit, brand new in box, unopened and virginal!
It's the Porsche 961, short wheelbase kit. It has the Tamtech 201 TX, 270mAh NiCd battery, ESC/Reciever, Servo, Slow Charger.
Man, It's so old (these were made from 1987-1989) and new (unopened every bag factory sealed) I don't want to assemble it.

I also bought a complete car kit minus electronics but with the 180 size motor in the same condition, factory sealed. This is a Ferrari Testarossa, in red.

Spare rear foam tire set.

Tamiya TamTech 12V Quick Charger, new in box, sealed.. blah!

Other spares I bought are: (all brand new factory sealed)

Ferrari Testarossa Bodyshell, sure, my car kit has one but couldn't resist a spare

Lamborgini Countach 5C which I am told is very collectible and sought after by hard core TamTech collectors.

Some spare decal sets and a spare chassis.

Parts I am bidding on right now are: Wheel set, Gold (high speed)180 motor and two complete screw sets.

TamTech stuff bought from other sellers:

Ford Mustang Probe GTP long wheelbase bodyshell as a candidate fit for the Mini-Z F1.